Membership Package

The AMH Works Membership Package is an accessible and impactful solution to supporting employee wellbeing. AMH Works members benefit from a bespoke consultation with an experienced consultant to identify your organisation’s wellbeing needs and provide expert recommendations.

The membership package also includes exclusive access to four “lunch and learn” wellbeing sessions. Using best practice models of wellbeing, these sessions equip employees with the tools they need to understand their own mental health, look after their own wellbeing and support others within the workplace. Each session is followed by access to a written resource, enabling employees access to increased awareness and implementable mental health strategies throughout the year. Finally, members receive 10% on all other bookings, including the highly acclaimed Mental Health First Aid and Applied Suicide Intervention Training (ASIST) programmes. 

Membership package benefits

4 “lunch and learn” employee mental health sessions. Each quarter members enjoy exclusive access to an evidence-based mental health webinar with an experienced trainer. This year’s members workshops include: Mental Health Awareness, Sleep and Stress, Personal Resilience and Winter Wellness.Each session combines best-practice models of wellbeing with implementable mental health tools, enabling employees to look after their mental health both inside and outside of the workplace.

  • 30-40 minute bespoke organisational wellbeing consultation. Through assessment and consultation of needs, an expert consultant will provide bespoke recommendations to improve organisational wellbeing and ensure that impact can be measured.
  • 4 learning resources per year. Each quarter, members have access to an exclusive article or resource to develop employees’ self-awareness and equip them with evidence-based mental health strategies.
  • 10% off all additional bookings, including the highly acclaimed Mental Health First Aid and Applied Suicide Intervention programmes.

About the “lunch and learn” sessions:

Mental Health Awareness develops an understanding of mental ill-health and the skills needed to effectively and sensitively support employee and personal well-being

Stress and Sleep explores the reciprocal relationship between sleep and stress, equipping employees with the tools to tackle insomnia and other sleep issues whilst maintaining healthy stress levels.

Personal Resilience focuses on how individuals can improve their own wellbeing and increase resilience,  as well as introducing practical tools and strategies which provide participants with the skills and ability to cope with everyday life and work pressures as well as significant life events.

Winter Wellness identifies common mental health challenges which impact individuals during the winter months, raising awareness of preventative approaches to avoiding winter burnout and improving winter wellbeing.

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