Provoking Thought

‘Provoking Thought’ workshops are available to 11-25 year olds and their key contacts and can be delivered in schools, youth clubs and community groups.  (Can be delivered to 25+ also)

The aim of the workshop is to support young people/people and their key contacts in the area of mental and emotional wellbeing through a range of activities that are tailored to suit group needs. The workshops aim to be young people friendly, positive, interactive and informative.  The workshops are designed to explore issues and facilitate discussion around issues of mental and emotional wellbeing.

A mental health awareness Provoking Thought workshop can include information on the following:

  • Recognising the importance of looking after our mental health and emotional well-being
  • Developing confidence to seek help
  • Raising awareness of signs and symptoms of mental distress
  • Challenging the stigmas and misconceptions about mental health
  • Identifying factors that cause stress in young people
  • Developing mental health literacy
  • Building resilience for well-being
  • Highlighting the sources of support available
  • Highlighting the value of coping skills

There is also scope within the Provoking Thought workshops, time permitting, to incorporate additional information that teachers, youth leaders or community workers would like covered should there be particular issues that are relevant to that group. For example, a workshop can be designed specifically about bullying or to have part of the workshop to cover mental health awareness and bullying. AMH MensSana staff will endeavour to cover all issues that teaching staff, youth leaders and community workers feel would benefit the mental health and wellbeing of the young people or groups under their care or that they are targeting and to highlight that early intervention is crucial as is knowledge of appropriate support should problems arise.

Target age group 11-25 year olds and older
Training necessary? To be delivered by AMH MensSana
Session time Ideally 60 mins longer if specified
Teaching notes available? N.A.
Information on sources of support? Yes
Interactive? Yes
Supplementary materials available? Yes



AMH MensSana Leaflet

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Provoking Thought

Contact Details

All Trust Areas except Southern Trust

AMH MensSana

4a Steeple Road


BT41 1AF

Email:  [email protected]

Tel:  028 9442 5356

Southern Trust Area

AMH MensSana

13 Church Street

Portadown BT62 3LN

T 028 383 92314

E: [email protected]


Mental Health & Resilience

Who is it for?

Post Primary Children, Parents/teachers/carers/youth leaders


All areas of NI

More info?

Other workshops available include anti-bullying, confidence & self-esteem, exam stress, transitions (Yr 8 and Yr 12/14), social media, body image

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