QUEST aims to support individuals to reduce the impact of misusing alcohol.

QUEST is an interactive way of addressing the complex issues associated with misusing alcohol and the associated impact on the individual, their families and carers, and on the wider community. The project works collaboratively with people to identify triggers or patterns of behaviours which lead to periods of alcohol misuse or lifestyle decisions which are continually impacting negatively on their mental health.

The service runs 5 days a week, Monday – Friday, 9.30-3.30pm. Activities range from personal development programmes and stress management to confidence building and negotiating skills. This is achieved through challenging outdoor activities, organic horticulture, healthy eating, physical and mental health awareness, money management and men’s and women’s health courses.


Quest Leaflet

Read all about the Quest project in our brand new publication produced by Quest clients!

Quest – Finding Your Future



Alcohol misuse can have a profound impact on individuals, families, and our society as a whole, yet few people acknowledge - or are even aware of - how much alcohol they drink and the links between alcohol and mental health.

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Unit 13 Springtown Industrial Estate

Springtown Road

L’Derry BT48 0LY

T 028 7137 3502


Alcohol Misuse Support

Who is it for?

Anyone concerned about their own alcohol use, or the effect alcohol is having on a friend or family member



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QUEST aims to support individuals to reduce the impact of misusing alcohol

For more information contact Mickie Harkin

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