You Matter

Supporting veterans at risk of suicide across Northern Ireland

Delivered in conjunction with the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, the You Matter Programme has been designed to help prevent deaths by suicide amongst veterans in Northern Ireland. Our aim is to identify and reach those at risk, developing a network of support and providing a framework of intervention and prevention services.

You Matter

Exposure to line of duty trauma can have serious negative effects on mental health; it can affect quality of life, put pressure on relationships and for veterans, make adjusting to civilian life more difficult. For anyone in this situation, having feelings of distress or despair is normal. You are not alone.
We can all find it difficult seek help, but if these feelings persist, it’s a sign that things need to change.
We’re here, because you matter.

The You Matter Programme:

• Develops networks of support through mental health and suicidality awareness raising, information and training – making it easier for people in the wider veteran community to understand the link between line of duty trauma and mental health; and making it easier for people to seek help when they need it.
• Provides veterans with a professional case-managed support plan, tailored to their individual needs.

You Matter services for the wider veteran community

The stigma around mental health can make asking for help difficult. An informed and supportive veteran community will help create a culture where veterans struggling with their mental health will not feel judged or ashamed when asking for help.

Building a support network will help to reach those at risk and empower the wider veteran community to provide confident and informed support. To do that, we deliver:

Available to the wider Armed Forces community, including veteran family members over the age of 16, our awareness-raising sessions provide skills and knowledge to offer information, advice and signposting on mental health and suicide prevention.

Having attended a mental health awareness-raising session, further training is available for those with the requisite knowledge, willingness and network to help you provide immediate help to someone having suicidal thoughts; helping you both move forward to connect with more specialised support.

You Matter support for veterans

When you contact the You Matter team you will be supported throughout by a highly experienced Case Manager. They are a veteran, a medical professional and counsellor and understand exactly what you’re going through. They’re here to ensure that you receive the right help at the right time.

Together you will create a support plan based on your individual needs, your interests and the issues that are impacting on your mental health.

It will identify a number of support options, allow you to set goals, agree timeframes and review your progress.
Your Case Manager can also provide connections to other forms of support, including: social services, financial resources, recreation and transportation.

Your support options
There are a number of support options available, from mindfulness to psychological therapies, and your support plan will identify which of these will help to meet your needs in the best way possible:

Through this six-week Mindfulness programme, you will learn that as you become more fully aware of emotions, you can begin to identify, observe and challenge negative thoughts and behaviours. This can help to: manage stress, sharpen focus and creativity, build resilience, and cultivate compassion and positive self-care.

This highly innovative form of support uses horses as part of group activities and learning. It is designed for those who feel overwhelmed and are struggling to settle into or adjust to everyday life, but who may be reluctant to engage with more traditional interventions. No equestrian or riding skills are required.

This form of therapy can help you to uncover and sensitively challenge negative thought patterns, feelings of negative self-worth and perceived shame, as well as managing your emotional responses – providing you with strategies that can help you to manage unavoidable stresses in life.

To learn more, contact Inspire directly on:
T: 03308 089 294

Information about the programme can be accessed via a number of partners

» Veteran Support Charities
» UDR & R IRISH(HS) Aftercare Service
» Northern Ireland Veterans Support Office

Inspire are a charity and social enterprise who work together with people living with mental ill health, intellectual disability, autism and addictions to realise their full potential. We currently provide wellbeing support to over 75,000 security-based personnel and for over a decade have worked closely with veterans in partnership with the UDR & R IRISH(HS) Aftercare Service.

You Matter

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Delivered in conjunction with the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, the You Matter Programme has been designed to help prevent deaths by suicide amongst veterans in Northern Ireland.

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To learn more, contact Inspire directly on: T: 03308 089 294

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