AMH EveryBODY Creative Course

Welcome to our online gallery of artwork created by AMH EveryBODY clients, and those supported by the SHSCT eating disorder team.

The artwork and feedback below is from participants on the most recent 5-week creative courses that involved mosaic making, clay sculpture and wet felting.

“I’ve enjoyed all the courses offered by AMH EveryBODY, and Hazel is an excellent teacher. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different mediums. I’m grateful for all the help I received and the chance to meet new people.”

“I think it being a smaller group rather than a room full of people works really well because it’s much less intimidating and everyone gets a chance to be heard and be assisted by the facilitator. The clay sculpting worked really well for a five week class as we had sufficient time to complete our projects without it feeling too rushed and pressured, We were able to relax and enjoy the process, to learn and get to know each other.”

“It actually exceeded my expectations in the end. I was blown away by how many things you could make and how strong the material is. It encouraged me to think outside the box a bit more and try something new.”

“These courses help me so much, during the classes it’s the one time I’m able to calm my mind and everyone is so encouraging.”

“The sessions exceeded my expectations. I had never worked with clay or scuplture before so my hopes at the start of the course were simply to become more familiar with using the clay so that I might after the class had finished have gained enough confidence to practice with it at home and work towards creating something that I’ve had an idea in mind for a really long time but had never tried due to my lack of experience and faith in my ability. Unexpectedly, throughout the course I was encouraged and guided through the process such that, not only was I able to attempt the project, but I was able to fully complete it, and to a standard that I could not have imagined I’d have been capable of. I was delighted with the result and felt a strong sense of accomplishment which is quite uncommon for me. I now have the confidence I needed to experiment at home with clay and challenge myself further.”

“I just want to say a big Thank You for being given the opportunity to attend this course. The social aspect of the group was so very beneficial to me as well as the skills I acquired and the confidence and sense of achievement I gained. I appreciate it very much.”

“I felt I was able to be myself in this particular group and that’s something I struggle a lot with as I’m not really used to socialising, but everyone was so accepting, from the other people taking part, to the facilitator and Deborah. I will really miss coming in on a Wednesday and hope to take part in a course again.”

Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW) runs from – 26 February – 3 March 2024.

You can find more information on AMH EveryBODY here.