‘Tour for Tony’ in memory of a beloved father

The son of a former client at Action Mental Health is asking for the public’s support to raise money for the charity’s Get Your Move On fundraiser, which he is

How humans thrive with a little help from their four-footed, web-footed & feathered friends!

As Action Mental Health continues to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, it’s time to embrace the benefits of something that most of us couldn’t’ do without in nature – our

Mental Health Awareness Week – Pandemic has placed gardening top of our feel-good list

For more than a year of restricted movement, the importance of getting out into nature has never been more apparent to all of us. Being isolated from friends, family, work

Connecting with Nature – Wild Swimming & Mental Health

The past year has inspired lots of people to take up a new outdoor activity and it seems that wild swimming is all the rage with more and more people

Nurture yourself with nature for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s official, this year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is Connect with Nature: embracing it, getting out into it and nurturing your time while you enjoy all the sights,

Rotary Club helps AMH New Horizons clients stay ‘smart’

Smart technology has helped Action Mental Health clients feel less lonely and isolated during the lockdown, thanks to a generous donation by The Rotary Club. In response to the coronavirus

Your 5 Steps to Garden Wellbeing

 The UK’s estimated number of households with a garden has risen to 90% with half of the population classed as gardeners. Not surprisingly, gardening is an important national pastime with

Practicing what we preach at Action Mental Health to prick pandemic stress bubble

Today is National Workplace Wellbeing Day #WorkWell21. Ibec (Ireland’s largest lobby and business representative group) have been encouraging organisations to focus on social, mental and physical well-being this April. The