Client Feedback:

Mental Health Awareness 

“The training was very informative and easy to understand. There was a great mix of breakout rooms and information which helped me to apply what we were learning to real life situations. I felt at ease and comfortable asking questions about a difficult subject matter. I couldn’t recommend this training enough.”- Queens University, December 2022.

“I’ve left this training feeling much more confident in having conversations around mental health in my role and with a much better understanding of what other people might be facing. The training also helped me realise the importance of looking after my own mental health when performing pastoral duties. Lauren was really enthusiastic and engaging, making a daunting topic much more approachable and answering our questions throughout”- Church of Ireland, September 2022.

Mindful Manager

“I really enjoyed the breakout sessions which gave me time to think about topics and discuss them with others and to hear their experiences. I also really enjoyed the videos and interaction. I feel more confident talking to my team about their mental health and providing support before they reach crisis”- Queens University, November 2022.

“Lauren was very knowledgeable about the topic, and got us involved in the training. Use of the group discussion and videos worked really well. The advice for managers was relevant to me and I feel I have learnt a lot from the session. Thank you.”- Queens University, September 2022.

Compassionate Conversations:

“The trainer was very engaging and insightful. I learned a lot about mental health and how I can approach difficult situations in the workplace regarding mental health. She was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to!” – Northern Ireland Audit Office, December 2022.

“The trainer was brilliant and provided me with great tools and resources to help me to have compassionate conversations and improve my confidence when talking to colleagues about mental health”- Northern Ireland Audit Office, December 2022.

Stress Awareness and Management:

“I really enjoyed the course and how it was delivered. Lauren brought the content to life along with making it relatable. It was definitely one of the most enjoyable courses I have attended for a long time and I have learnt a lot from it” – Liberty IT, August 2022.

“The training was fantastic. Lauren made a serious topic interesting and easy to learn. Will highly recommend this training to others”- Liberty IT, August 2022.

Men’s Mental Health and Personal Resilience

“My reason for attending was to reinforce the CBT techniques to protect my mental health and increase resilience. It’s easy to forget these things when feeling stressed so I found the course really helped to reinforce these tools and how to look after myself”- AllState, November 2022.

“Lauren was very knowledgeable on the subject and gave a great presentation covering men’s mental health and personal resilience, putting it into perspective and dispelling the stigma surrounding this very real issue”- AllState, November 2022.

Wellness Toolbox Lunch and Learn:

“The training was fantastic. The tools explored in the session can be easily applied in everyday life and work situations. I particularly enjoyed learning how to understand my thought patterns and adapt how I respond to stress”- Attendee, 18/01/23.

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