Fundraising at Work

Why have an Elfie Day at Work?

1 in 5 of us will experience a mental health problem at some point in our lives and half of all these problems begin before the age of 14. Mental Health is the leading reason for work absence in Northern Ireland accounting for almost one out of every three days lost. Action Mental Health is working hard to tackle these issues.

Upon registering to Elfie Day, sponsorship forms and a Digital Pack of great resources will be emailed to you.  In addition, on this page you will find useful downloadable resources to help you to have a festive Elfie Day at work.

Plan your Elfie Day at Work

1. What do you want to achieve?

In order to be a successful fundraiser, you need to know what you want to achieve. It is important that your ideas excite you and that you can explain the importance of what you are doing, as you will be the one inspiring your work and rallying their support. 

2. Plan for success

Taking a professional approach to fundraising ensures that your efforts are consistent, focused and generate results every time.  Have a plan, a time- frame and delegate the work that needs to be actioned.  Get the pupils involved! By giving them a task and something to do, pupils will be far more engaged with Elfie Day.

3. It takes a team

Fundraising as part of a team offers the benefits of sharing creative ideas and expertise.  Share the load and delegate the tasks.

4. Be inventive

Try something new, some of the best ideas come from those around you so ask for some bright ideas to raise funds.  Remember the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge?’ – think outside the box.  What about an Elfie sponge throwing event, and pop the poor head teacher in the stocks?

5. Consult your workplace

Understand your audience, the size of your work, what they like doing, and what has worked before.

6. Use Your Strengths

Build on previous success and plan a winning strategy to make your event a success. Have you a brilliant choir, orchestra, artists, creative writers or a sports team- all of these avenues can be utilised for a successful fundraising event.

7. Less Haste, More MONEY!

Plan and be consistent about how and when you are asking for donations, is it a Just Giving page that you share on your website, email home, is it sponsorship forms or a letter home?

8. Speak Up

If you do not ask, you do not get.  If you need help speak up within your workplace, the fundraising team are always here to answer your questions, email [email protected]