Healthy Me

Healthy Me is a vibrant and engaging mental health promotion programme aimed at children, which explores emotional/mental health, healthy lifestyle choices and pathways to effective support through imaginative and interactive play and song.

Healthy Me is aimed at 8-11 year olds, it promotes good mental health and social and emotional well-being in children with a strong focus on prevention and self care.

Healthy Me uses interative play and song to explore emotional and mental health, healthy lifestyle choices and where to get support if needed.

Healthy Me promotes social and emotional well-being through problem-solving, coping and resilience skills.

Healthy Me highlights the benefits of the ways to well-being.

Healthy Me challenges stigma and discrimination.

Healthy Me encourages help-seeking behaviour in children and helping them identify sources of support.

Healthy Me teaches children how to understand and express feelings.

Healthy Me promotes the importance of mental health with physical health.

Healthy Me supports the move from primary to secondary school.

Healthy Me encourages adults to think about their own mental health needs and those of the children they care for.

Healthy Me sessions can also be delivered to key adult contacts eg staff/parents/carers

Who is it for?4-7 year olds, staff & parents/carers
Location?Available across N Ireland
Cost?Free of charge


Key Adult Contacts – Staff/Parents/Carers

Duration: (1x 1.5 hrs) or (2x 45mins) available for delivery in person or on-line via Zoom

  • Trauma informed mental health awareness
  • Increase your awareness of common signs/symptoms of mental ill health
  • Understand our children’s Healthy Me programme
  • Learn self-care techniques for building resilience and confidence
  • Sources of support


Duration: (1x3hr session) available for delivery in person

To find out more, contact the
MensSana team at:
T: 028 9442 5356
(all areas except Southern Trust Area)
E: [email protected]
T: 028 3839 2314
(Southern Trust Area)
E: [email protected]