Little Healthy Me

Little Healthy Me is a vibrant and engaging trauma informed, mental health promotion programme aimed at children which explores emotional/mental health, healthy lifestyle choices and pathways to effective support through imaginative and interactive play and song.

Little Healthy Me Positively promotes mental health and social and emotional well-being in children and has a strong focus on prevention and self-help.

Targeted at 4-7 year olds, Little Healthy Me is a refreshing interative and fun 3 hour workshop, delivered over 3 sessions by our very experienced AMH MensSana project workers.

AMH MensSana will also provide Little Healthy Me Parents/Carers and Staff sessions.

Who is it for?4-7 year olds, staff & parents/carers
LocationAvailable across N Ireland
CostFree of charge


Key Adult Contacts – Staff/Parents/Carers

Duration: (1x 1.5 hrs) available for delivery in person or on-line via Zoom

  • Trauma informed mental health awareness
  • Increase your awareness of common signs/symptoms of mental ill health
  • Understand our children’s Little Healthy Me programme
  • Learn self-care techniques for building resilience and confidence
  • Sources of support


Duration: – p1/p2 (3 x 45 mins) p3/p4 (3x1hr) available for delivery in-person

To find out more, contact the
MensSana team at:
T: 028 9442 5356
(all areas except Southern Trust Area)
E: [email protected]
T: 028 3839 2314
(Southern Trust Area)
E: [email protected]