Life Alert

The Life Alert Project began in 2008 by the clients from Promote in Partnership with the PSNI to raise awareness of learning disability within the local community and who better to raise awareness than those living with learning disabilities themselves.

AMH Promote BangorThe group members are clients of AMH Promote, a training centre in Conlig which teaches adults with learning disabilities to be more independent and train for job placements in the community. The group is supported by Elizabeth Lightbody (Bryson Charitable Group Advocate for Adults with Learning Disabilities).


The group talk about the challenges they face to a range of small audiences including:

  • schools
  • universities
  • hospitals
  • social services
  • District Policing Partnerships
  • and local councils

Life Alert Wallet

The Life Alert group promote “Life Alert Wallets” which are intended to help adults with learning disabilities in situations they may find challenging and also to promote independence and raise awareness. The wallet shows people in the community (such as bus drivers, shop assistants and police officers) that the holder has a learning disability and how they can be helped to understand information, it also provides the user with a place to write useful telephone numbers that can be used when necessary or in emergency situations..

Wallets and accompanying information posters are now available nationwide by contacting the Life Alert Group at AMH Promote. You can also make requests for the group to make an information presentation at your organisation.

Call the team on (028) 9127 5353

Wallets and promotional materials kindly sponsored by:

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