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Below you can find all of our blog posts, articles and activities relating to children and young people’s mental health, as well as some book suggestions from our friends at Libraries NI.

From Libraries NI:

Books that can help your toddler or young child to understand the world around them.

Reading Well for Children collection.

Shelf Help: Books about mental health and wellbeing.

From Action Mental Health:

Doing better than I ever thought possible. Rachel, a member of the AMH Youth Panel, shares some of her story and her hopes for children and young people. Read more.

Healthy hand. ‘Healthy hand’ is a quick and simple tool to help children (and perhaps adults, too!) identify who they can turn to for help if ever they need it. Read more.

Feelings tree. A quick, easy and fun craft activity to help children identify and express their emotions. Read more.

Rainbow breathing. Whether it’s taking a few deep breaths to help regulate when a child’s experiencing some big emotions, taking some time to wind down before bed time, to help feel ready for school or just to build some mindful rhythms into your routine, breathing intentionally can really help. Read more.

Help your child stay safe on social media. We’ve identified a few of the potential risks associated with internet and social media use, as well as some of the ways you as a parent or carer can help your child stay safe online. Read more.

Children’s Mental Health Week 2024. Recent studies show that 1 in 8 children in Northern Ireland experience emotional difficulties. That’s three children in every classroom. Read more.