Activity: Healthy Hand

It’s so important that all children know who they can turn to when they need help. Children need adults who they can trust will keep them safe.

‘Healthy hand’ is a quick and simple tool to help children (and perhaps adults, too!) identify who they can turn to for help if ever they need it.

Hold your hand out in front of you and stretch your fingers wide.

Count your fingers, and as you do, name someone who you could ask for help if you needed it. (You might want to help the child remember some of the grownups in their life, but don’t be afraid to let them sit in quiet and think for themselves.

For example:

Point to your thumb – that’s one. We can go to Granny for help.

Point to your index finger – that’s two. We can ask our teacher.

Point to your middle finger – that’s number three. We can ask our swimming coach for help.

Point to your ring finger – that’s four. We can go to our neighbour, Mary.

Point to your pinky finger – that’s number five. We can ask the lady who works at the library.

Five fingers makes a helping hand!

If you’re a member of staff in a school and would like to explore more tips and techniques for promoting wellbeing and resilience in children and young people, check out Action Mental Health’s MensSana service. Our experienced and committed team can run a variety of different programmes in your school, catering to pupils of all ages.

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