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AMH Works provides workplace mental and emotional well-being consultancy supported by a range of specialised employee programmes, proven to improve workplace well-being across organisations.

Action Mental Health have been providing mental health recovery, resilience, counselling and employment services across Northern Ireland since 1963.

The AMH Works team are specialists in mental health and emotional well-being training and consultancy, working with some of NI’s and the UK’s leading employers for more than ten years. The service provided through AMH Works supports employers to develop employee awareness and skills to effectively promote and manage employee mental and emotional well-being in the workplace.

Research undertaken on sickness absence and workplace well-being has confirmed that mental ill-health is now the biggest cause of long term absence from work. In 2018/19 an estimated 16,000 people in NI workplaces suffered from stress, anxiety or depression caused or made worse by work. During the same period, it’s believed some 373,000 working days were lost to the local economy through associated staff absences. 

In a recent study undertaken by The Adecco Group 35% of employees surveyed in the UK stated that their mental health had deteriorated in 2020. Homeworking as a result of COVID-19 and its impact on work–life balance are among the most common causes of workplace stress.  Remote working can also exacerbate feelings of isolation and contribute to a deterioration in work–life balance.

71% of participants in the same study said that having support for their mental wellbeing at work will be important for them in the future.

AMH Works consultancy and well-being programmes enable individuals to gain the skills for personal and team well-being resulting in improved staff morale, increased productivity and reduced sickness absence.

It is clear that every employer needs to take action now to improve employee well-being and resilience. Our team can help with every stage of the process through the use of online platforms and face to face consultancy, support and training.

Through consultation and assessment of needs, specifically tailored programmes are designed, delivered and evaluated to ensure they are relevant to your organisation’s needs and impact can be measured.

Qualified and experienced facilitators deliver a range of prevention and early intervention training programmes using best practice models in well-being to best suit the needs of your employees and your organisation.

The AMH Works suite of training programmes include:

Mindful Manager equips managers with skills, knowledge and confidence to address employee mental ill-health in the workplace and proactively contribute to the development of a healthy, resilient workplace.

Mental Health Awareness develops an understanding of mental ill-health and the skills needed to effectively and sensitively support employee and personal well-being.

Stress Awareness identifies common stressors that impact on an individual and provides practical advice on how to reduce the negative effect of these.

Personal Resilience focuses on how individuals can improve their own wellbeing and increase resilience,  as well as introducing practical tools and strategies which provide participants with the skills and ability to cope with everyday life and work pressures as well as significant life events.

Burnout & Rest identifies the causes and stages of burnout, raising awareness of preventative approaches to avoid burnout and ways we can effectively incorporate rest into our routines.

Safetalk will prepare you to identify persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them to suicide first-aid resources.

Mental Health First Aid enhances understanding of mental ill-health and develops skills, motivation, knowledge and confidence in offering help to individuals with acute mental ill-health.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) will enable people in a position of trust to recognise risk and learn how to intervene to prevent the immediate risk of suicide.

AMH Works also work with employers to design bespoke training programmes tailored to cover relevant issues and to meet identified needs for their organisation.

To find out more about how AMH Works can support your organisation to improve the mental and emotional well-being of your employees please contact [email protected] or by phone on  07540124083.

AMH Works

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