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Feeling at home on the Range

Christopher Moore is feeling right at home in the Range, having returned to work through the Work Connect programme, which gave him 1:1 support from an employment officer, offering a

New Horizons by C Doherty

So the time has come A sense of achievement The progress I’ve made How far I have come A new beginning A new chapter to my story   Too comes

Hannah – Working it Out in Antrim

“AMH New Horizons Antrim has been very beneficial to me in a number of ways: As a young person suffering from social anxiety and depression it can be hard to

Liz’s Story

Liz’s Story

“AMH has put my life back on track, when I’d given up hope”. Despite having a huge amount of experience, I’d been unable to find a job for several years

Declan’s Story

Declan’s Story

I had always held down employment until I became unwell approximately 5 years ago. During my illness I withdrew myself from my family circle of friends and became very isolated

David’s Story

New Horizons  offers a variety of services for people experiencing mental health issues to help integrate them back into the community by giving them the opportunity to experience positive social outlets and

Marie’s Story – New Horizons Service User

  “My mental health took control of me and my life for 13 years. I didn’t know what it was to feel happy. My world was dark and filled with

Owen McGaffin

  “For me AMH New Horizons Antrim has been an extremely positive experience. It has had a massive impact on my life and my personal life. Due to the age