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Gary’s Story – feeling employable for the first time following decades of alcohol addiction

June 11 -17 is Men’s Health Week across the UK and with mental health being an integral component of people’s health, its importance to a man’s overall well-being cannot be

My journey towards “food feedom”

“I had been struggling with binge eating for several months when I contacted AMH Adapt for support. I was aware that my disordered eating was my way of coping with

My Journey with Action Mental Health

I was referred by my psychiatrist to Action Mental Health New Horizons, Derriaghy and started on 20th Jan 2016. I had an initial meeting with the Client Development Co-ordinator. I

Peter’s Successful Journey

February 2016 was a turning point in my life!! Having suffered from depression and battling day to day with the loss of my younger sister to suicide, I could finally

Liam sings the praises of AMH New Horizons Foyle

“My name is Liam Doherty and I was referred to AMH New Horizons Foyle as I was experiencing severe memory problems. When I was referred, I had no idea what

Michelle’s Story

Michelle’s Story

On Tuesday 28th April 2015 I entered the AMH New Horizons building in Downpatrick feeling very stressed, anxious, frightened and unsure.  I had a fear of strangers and felt no-one

Mental Illness and Creativity

Mental Illness and Creativity

There are various ways that creativity can be used for healing. As someone who has suffered from bi-polar disorder I can say, without a doubt, that creativity has helped me

Ben’s Journey

Ben’s Journey

When I was a student in England, life was good. But then I took ill with depression at the start of the third year of my biology course. I returned