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Hedgerow Hopes in Antrim

Hedgerow Hopes in Antrim 1On Friday 22nd November, Action Mental Health’s “Muddy Minds” garden team and their Community Links Group welcomed Antrim Borough Council, The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) and Mayor of Antrim, Roderick Swann, to plant a native hedgerow in the garden as part of Antrim Borough Council’s Hedgerow Hopes Project.

Ruth Wilson, Antrim Borough Council’s Biodiversity Officer, said

“The aim of the Hedgerow Hopes project is to get local people involved in restoring species-rich hedgerows in the Borough.  This will benefit our local heritage and biodiversity.”

Hedgerow Hopes in Antrim 2

The event included hedgerow planting and was an opportunity to find out what wildlife our native hedges support and why they are one of nature’s greatest assets. Species-rich hedgerows are important to people as well as to our wildlife. They are of historical importance, often marking town land or estate boundaries. They also provide colour, shelter and food, act as stock barriers and prevent soil erosion. Unfortunately, many of our native hedgerows have lost a lot of these benefits due to neglect or mismanagement.

The clients and staff really enjoyed the afternoon and are looking forward to watching the hedgerow grow!

The Hedgerow Hopes Project is supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund. For further information contact Ruth Wilson T: 028 9446 3113 ext 1371 or E: [email protected]