Local Student Takes Action on Mental Health

Aine McCaughey, a student at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown, hosted a health fair to promote Action Mental Health, as part of her studies. Here is her story… Each year,

Eating Disorder Awareness Week – A Mother’s story

Debbie’s mother Pat McLarnon spent years feeling terrified and helpless as she watched her daughter fight her anorexia. Here is her story… We found out something was wrong with Debbie

Eating Disorder Awareness Week – Debbie’s story

Debbie Howard, now a psychotherapist specialising in eating disorders, suffered from anorexia for over ten years. Here is her story …. I developed anorexia at 12 years old, and suffered

Eating Disorder Awareness Week – Dave’s Story

This is Dave’s story…. I am a bloke with anorexia and I am not alone. It’s estimated that in the UK; 725,000 people suffer from an eating disorder Males account

Eating Disorder Awareness Week – Kerri’s Story

Kerri is in her forties and suffered anorexia as a teenager… As a person with anorexia I did not realise it had taken control until after about four months. Being

Eating Disorder Awareness Week – Claire’s Story

I am now turning 33 and suffering with a binge eating disorder. Strangely I started having body image problems when I was 19.  I think it was triggered by poor

Eating Disorder Awareness Week – Charli’s Story

Charli, who is now in her twenties, suffered from bulimia as a teenager. Here is her story. I never really realised there was a problem until my family got involved.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2018 takes place from 26 February to 4 March. Eating Disorders Awareness Week is an international awareness event, fighting the myths and misunderstandings that surround anorexia, bulimia,