AMH Promote Visit Titanic Belfast as part of Learning Disability Awareness Week

In their first visit since prior to the Covid-19, AMH Promote visited Titanic Belfast.

All our staff involved with AMH would like to pass on their thanks to Titanic Belfast staff who pulled out all the stops to make our clients welcome, including having a very generous gift pack for all clients.

A huge thank you in particular to Director of Operations, Siobhan Lynch and Communications Officer, Louise Denver.

What Happened?

Anika (right), pictured with clients of AMH Promote

One of our clients Anika L Johnson wanted to share her experience of her visit to Titanic Belfast.

Anika wanted to be an author but was told she couldn’t. Anika however is attending an event in Ballymena next week, where she will be reading a sensory poem she has written. Keep your eye’s peeled for more of her work in the future.

Trip to Titanic by Anika L Johnson

This was our first trip out of Promote since the disaster of Covid. I found it to be an informative experience, especially as it has been a long time since we have left the Promote grounds. I had actually forgotten how that felt; to leave the grounds. It felt strange and unnerving. Thankfully all went to plan, everyone had a good time and the staff in Titanic treated us very elegantly.

Interestingly, I was proved correct on a vital point, if the operating area in the Titanic had not got in the field of the gossiping train, there is every possibility that the disaster would not have happened. As in, the vital information of the ice warnings was not getting through, due to the telecommunications being used for secondary and unnecessary information.

On display in the museum, there were some photos of an extremely lucky clergyman who had departed, before the disaster struck. His photos are taken between Belfast and Southampton, and prove how much luck he really held. They give an interesting look into what the boat was like on its first voyage, before it was ravaged by rust.

There was also an interesting section on deep sea diving, that shows what the ship looks like now. We watched this on the big screen and it made me feel saddened, as the Titanic was a very proud moment for Belfast and so many lost their lives. Anyone who would have survived must have suffered from PTSD, or in terms of the day ‘shell shock.’

I personally enjoyed the section of memorabilia for filmic stories, as it is interesting to see different people take on the disaster. My take is that in all honesty it should not have happened, but as no one can see what lies ahead, they did their best for their time. We now know better and have various equipment to detect these things.

The Titanic building itself is impressive, and is the size of the boat. It took a long time to put together and the work was worth the money they spent, as it is important we learn about our history, especially mistakes as they teach us the most.

I am really looking forward to future trips and now we have had our maiden voyage, I am confident that life will get back to normal! Peace out!

AMH Promote at Titanic Belfast

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