AMH Works helping combat stigma in the workplace

This week, as part of the #CovidWellbeingNI partnership, we have been looking at the stigma that often surrounds mental health.

For employees, mental health struggles often manifest as lack of productivity. Even if they’re showing up for work, they may be hiding their conditions due to stigma and not seeking treatment.  At a time when people are at their most vulnerable and most in need of help, stigma prevents them from reaching out.

So what can we do about it?

Workplaces can foster an environment where employees and employers speak openly about mental health. It is important to educate your staff and promote a supportive and understanding workplace, free from stigma.

How can we help?

AMH Works – Action Mental Health’s mental health training and consultancy service, work with some of NI’s and the UK’s leading organsations. Our programmes teach the skills needed to support and maintain healthy resilient workplaces for every level of employee. Our programmes have a proven positive impact on health and wellness, reducing sickness absence and helping to make your workplace a place which actively values and supports people on their journey to postive mental health. AMH Works also offer support on identifying training needs, employee wellbeing and stress audits and mental health and wellbeing related policies

AMH Works promote the mindful manager model – a unique and simple tool that can be used to support employees with their mental wellbeing and direct both the individual and their employer to local support should they need it.

The Mindful Manager Model:

  • Listen – have increased awareness of mental health
  • Ask – have the confidence to discuss mental health with employees
  • Signpost – be able to direct the employee to local support should they need it.
  • Support – Be able to identify ways to support employees experiencing mental ill health

What can employees do to help combat stigma?

  • Find out the facts about mental health and mental ill-health – take part in mental health awareness training
  • Have positive conversations about mental health with colleagues.
  • Learn how to recognise stigma and challenge it when you see it.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of someone who is experiencing stigma; it’s important not to define or judge someone by their health problems but to see them as individuals.

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