April – Stress Awareness Month during unprecedented times

As National Stress Awareness Month draws to a close – during one of the most unusual periods the world has ever witnessed – it’s even more important than ever tobe aware of our stress levels.

During these uncertain times, Action Mental Health has been supplementing its vault of helpful tips and advice to help support people’s mental health and well-being, with guidance on dealing with the impact the coronavirus crisis is having on all our lives and our mental health.

Living in a time when we have to be socially distant from our loved ones, while taking special precautions when we shop for food, visit the doctor, take our important daily exercise – or continue vital roles as key workers, can make this frightening time even more difficult to deal with. For some, the lack of a daily routine will cause a great deal of upset.

Stress affects us in myriad ways, and can result in irritability, mood swings, loss or increase in appetite and can cause insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns, tension headaches, plus many more. In situations like these unprecedented times of uncertainty – with frightening news headlines – it could be easy to turn to coping mechanisms like abusing alcohol or other similar unhealthy means.

However, our dedicated teams across AMH have been busy curating the best advice available to help you through this difficult period, on dealing with stress, anxiety and social distancing, while AMH Works offers tips on getting the best out of working from home. We have also collated tips on encouraging a positive outlook throughout the pandemic, from embracing The Five Ways to Well-Being, talking to children about the global situation, and even specific advice, from AMH everyBODY, on helping people with eating disorders cope with the day to day upheaval of life in our current circumstances.

You can access all these helpful tips and advice by visiting: https://www.amh.org.uk/coronavirus/

You can read more on stress, how to recognise it and sources of support on:


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