Dry January – 3 weeks in!

It’s three weeks into Dry January and chances are you’re looking forward to a little glass of wine with your dinner or a pint down the pub with your friends.

But according to Priory Health, lasting three weeks without alcohol is beneficial to your mental and physical health.

By week three of Dry January your blood pressure will have reduced, alongside the risks posed by alcohol to your heart as well as the chances of having a stroke. Your vision will improve as will your kidney health.

Not only will the period of abstinence improve your general health, you’ll also save a shed load of calories. Based on estimates that you’d have consumed 18 175ml sized glasses of wine by now – or three bottles – that amounts to 2880 calories – or three portions of fish and chips. It would have also drained your purse of just over £67. If you are denying yourself beer, 18 pints would have added 3240 calories to your diet and cost you £54.

If, like many you are waiting for the dawn of February to enjoy a moderate tipple – but you struggle with depression and anxiety – it’s best to adhere to the medical guidelines, and limit yourself to the standard 14 units of alcohol per week. That amounts to six pints of lager, or a bottle and a half of wine spread over three or more days, with a few days off.

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