Eating Disorder Awareness Week – Bodytalk: keeping it real

Eating Disorder Awareness Week will soon be over but the issue of eating disorders is ever-present in Northern Ireland society.

As part of Action Mental Health’s aim to foster resilience in future generations, one vital facet of AMH everyBODY’s work is the delivery of BODYTALK workshop within schools in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust area. BodyTalk is an interactive workshop that aims to raise awareness and understanding of eating disorders, whilst looking at body image concerns in today’s society.

The workshop focuses on:

  • eating disorders – the signs and symptoms, myths and misconceptions, causes and prevention, and where to go for support;
  • body image concerns amongst young people – the role of the media with fitness, beauty and diet industry, and how to be aware of dangers and challenge harmful body ideals;
  • building a body positive image through self-supporting skills of resilience and confidence building.


These workshops include clips from the Dove Self-Esteem campaign, along with interactive self-esteem group activities that offer opportunity for group discussions. Free of charge, the workshops have been received very positively by schools and colleges within the Southern Trust area.

Speak out and find support

AMH everBODY advises anyone with concerns about eating disorders to break the silence and speak out. Whether confiding in a friend, teacher, youth worker or family member, the next stop should be with their GP. The GP will then make an initial assessment and decide whether or not a referral is needed into the Eating Disorder Teams within the Health and Social Care Trusts.

Anyone unsure about contacting their GP could first get in touch with the following community organisations:

Eating Disorders Association NI
28 Bedford Street
Belfast  BT2 7EF

Tel: 028 9023 5959

The Laurence Trust
15 Muskett Glen
Belfast  BT8 8QU

Tel: 07510 371 335
Email: [email protected]

Fight ED
7 Cove View
Co. Down  BT19 6HR

Tel: 07999 901 936
Email: [email protected]

Northern Trust Area

Professional Support

Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder service – 02894424600

Adult Eating Disorder Service (18 and over) – 02894413307

Community Support


Southern Trust Area

Professional Support

Southern Health and Social Care Trust Eating Disorder Service

Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder service – 02838360680

Adult Eating Disorder Service (18 and over) – 02838311741

Western Trust Area

Professional Support

Western Health and Social Care Trust Eating Disorder Service

Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder service – 02882835990

Adult Eating Disorder Service (18 and over) – 02871320165

Eating Disorders West-NI

Community Support

Email: [email protected]


Instagram: @EatingDisordersNI.West: west

Twitter: @eating_ni Eating Disorders West NI ni

Helpline/textline: 07597 967 613

Republic of Ireland

Community Support

Bodywhys – The Eating Disorders Association of Ireland
PO Box 105
Co Dublin

Tel: 01-2834963
Email (Office): [email protected]
Email (Support Service): [email protected]

  • AMH everyBODY can be contacted at:
    13 Church Street
    Co Armagh

BT62 3LN

Tel: 028 38392314
Email: [email protected]



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