Just One Little Step – a poem by a client of AMH everyBODY

One step forward and three steps back.

Falling, stumbling, just scrambling to the surface.

Lost in what seems like a never ending void, an infinite limbo.

Aware of the me I want to be, but how to get there, where is my map.

Just one little step, that’s all it takes.

Mountains are climbed, oceans are travelled, battles are conquered with just one little step.

So why, oh why can’t I seem to move my feet.

Stuck here in my pillow fortress, my walls are caving in.

When will I begin?

This invisible cloak draped over my life, no-body else can see, do they even still see me?

How can you explain what you can’t see or touch, when the feelings become a blurry haze I can’t even understand.

My hope a burning ember, longing for a new.

Just to shake this fear, this guilt, this shame, to move into the light.

I still have dreams and hopes, a need to explore. My heart is still telling me, you are worth so much more.

How do I begin, when I still feel stuck within…

Just one little step.

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