Men living with an eating disorder – AMH everyBODY is here for YOU

By Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Eating disorders are not only experienced by females, and today, during Eating Disorder Awareness Week, we give an insight into the experience of one man who lives with an eating disorder in Northern Ireland.

Statistically there are more females recorded within official statistics, however growing evidence suggests that males account for between 10% and 25% of all eating disorder cases, according to local figures.

These figures are likely to be even higher however, as males are less likely to come forward and seek help for such illnesses due to the stigma and the negative stereotypes that surround these disorders.

Seek the support you need now and speak with one of our staff.  AMH everyBODY is a safe and welcoming service where we will work positively with you and agree a recovery pathway that meets your needs.

One male client, who wishes to remain anonymous, spoke of his experience: The best way for me to understand about my eating was to ASK FOR HELP.  Something I am now glad I did and something everyone should do,” he said.

“Do not suffer on your own – this only makes matters worse.  Get in touch with your GP, tell them how you feel. There is also a fear attached to us asking for help, but do not let this stop you because if you do you will feel as I did. Remember that people do care. Remember – asking for help is the very start of recovery,” he reiterated.

“Meeting my support worker for the first time I was very nervous, not knowing what to expect, but I was soon put at ease as she set about introducing herself and now I am recovering well and every week I continue to move away from my eating disorder behaviours with support.”

Read similar stories at a local charity that works solely with men living with eating disorders at the Laurence Trust –

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