New Horizons by C Doherty

So the time has come

A sense of achievement

The progress I’ve made

How far I have come

A new beginning

A new chapter to my story


Too comes fear

The unknown

Building new relationships

Wavering thoughts of self-doubt

I am ready….

But….am I ready?


Heart in my mouth

The elevator climbs

Deep breaths in and out, and in and out

As my emotional state declines

A glance in the mirror before the doors open

Be strong

Be you

Be all you can be


Friendly staff, welcome and soothe

Build you up….

Make you believe you can achieve

Help you to reach new goals

To strive

To succeed

This is exactly what I need


Friendly smiles being given and received

Members so different

Yet, all the same in one important way

The want to better themselves

The want to work hard

To work toward a better life

A life both healthy in body and mind


A jam-packed full timetable

The variety

So much on offer

Yes, maybe I’m too unwell

To unwell to tie down a job

Today….and maybe even tomorrow

However, how impressive will it be

When that day comes

The day I can show my experience

My knowledge

My newly achieved qualifications

The day when I can recognise my worth….my purpose in this life that has thrown me so many obstacles


For now

I will use my time

Continue to work with this service

This organization that can set souls free

A place where I am who I am

A place where I am me

Without unrealistic expectations people expect of me

And me, I can be



Even down to the, more hard for me, but simpler of tasks for some

Challenging anxieties, social phobias and things

The ability to step onto a bus

To sit beside people you do not know

To hold a conversation, as the bus slowly makes its way, stop by stop

Until it reaches its destination

Until I successfully reach New Horizons

My destination

Along with the inside, I did it! Celebration


Classes were one can excel

Use their gifts

Their talents

Sharing different aspects of their crafts

For me, the love of creative writing

Something that can instantly transport me into different worlds



Anything my imagination can see


The sporting activities

Filled with fun

Laughter of the competitiveness between members, but mostly staff

Smashing winning shots in badminton

Fancy footwork in boxing

To the stinging of your hands as you save penalty shoot-outs or score the winning goals in a newly experienced activity

Running free

The refreshing cold on your cheeks, fresh air in your lungs

Healthy body, healthy mind

Healthy mind, healthy body


All of these open possibilities and opportunities

In a place where you can broaden Your Horizons!


By C Doherty



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