Volunteers’ Week 2020: AMH Promote says THANK YOU to Andy, the green-fingered hero

Gardening has been the saving grace of many people during the lockdown, with the benefits to people’s mental health being well-charted at the moment.

At AMH Promote, our green-fingered hero Andy Meaney has for two years been volunteering his time in the garden, ensuring clients reap the rewards of witnessing tiny seeds take root and prosper, alongside their own progress and development.

Since starting at the Bangor-based Service, Andy has been part of the production of vegetables grown in our raised beds that are destined for the popular Soup Club.  

Alongside all varieties of vegetables, from beetroot, garlic, onions, sweetcorn, potatoes, carrots, parsley, peas and herbs, to fruit, including tomatoes, strawberries and raspberries, AMH Promote clients get hands-on experience in soup-making, and also utilise them for a variety of healthy eating courses.

AMH Promote Service Manager, Naoibh Adams commented: “Andy works every other Friday morning and always has plenty to keep him occupied! During the lockdown Andy has continued to water and tend to the vegetables so they’ll be nice and healthy for our eventual return to our Service.”

“I find the work at Promote very rewarding although I rarely get to taste the end products!” Andy quipped.

Away from the garden Andy enjoys camping, fishing ­– always returning the fish to the water – walking and all sports. He is a fan of Manchester United and an avid music lover. He currently lives in Newtownards with his wife and two children.

Some of the planting beds that Andy helps to keep in tip top touch condition at AMH Promote

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