Ballyclare Teacher Runs for AMH

Hazel Wynn Larne

Ballyclare schoolteacher, Hazel Wynn, celebrates with “squirrels” of 7th Larne Scouts and Callum Clark of AMH, on behalf of whom she completed the recent Larne Half Marathon, raising £100.

Mrs Hazel Wynn, a Home Economics teacher at Ballyclare High School, ran the 13-mile race and explained why she took on the challenge;

“I decided to run for Action Mental Health as it is a charity which I believe to be at the forefront of promoting mental health awareness, and providing services to help effectively deal with the challenges that poor mental health can bring. In my role as Health Education Coordinator at the school, and as Squirrel Leader in the 7th Larne Scouts, I am aware of the increasing pressures that are affecting children from a young age.”

Ballyclare High School has implemented a number of strategies focussing on mental health issues among pipils and staff. Recently, the school welcomed Gary Kane of AMH Works, who taught students about the importance of looking after their metnal health.

Mrs Wynn explained why such work is important in schools;

“We have been very fortunate to have been able to incorporate the excellent training sessions provided by AMH Works for both pupils and staff, where the message of taking care of our mental health, personal resilience and ability to cope with stress has been highlighted. The fact that 1 in 5 of us will be affected by mental health issues at some point in our lives has encouraged me to do my little bit. Resources that AMH provides will always be needed to help promote recovery and encourage the ability to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.”

Hazel’s “little bit” is HUGELY appreciated by everyone at AMH. If you would like to add your little bit, and fundraise for us, contact Callum Clark at [email protected] and check out our fundraising events page on Facebook!

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