Celebrating International Women’s Day with the wonderful women of AMH.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on UnsplashToday is International Women’s Day. It is a day to celebrate all of womankind. A day to hail the accomplishments, successes, complexities and inner beauty of women – the mothers, grandmothers and childless alike; young, old and middle-aged. That’s every woman: the pioneers, the flag bearers, the leaders, the artistic and talented, but also the disadvantaged, the displaced and the desperate.

As we celebrate with the rest of the world, close to home we can’t do so without praising the wonderful women who have come through the doors of Action Mental Health over the years. The woman who have sought refuge from anxiety or depression – some mere shells of their former selves. At AMH, they’ve been given support to transform into women they never knew they could become ­– strong resolute: women of substance, no matter how hard their journey or how long their road to recovery.

Women like Charis….

“I know how it is to feel empty and trapped in pain. If anyone is offering you help, just grab it with both hands, because it can and will get better. I promise you. You are never, ever alone in this fight. All I can say is-the staff in AMH New Horizons gave me my life back.”

Women like Rumer 

“I get to brag to all my friends that ” I MADE this!” and it’s been getting me out of bed and out the house before noon every Wednesday for months which is a much bigger deal that it sounds, seriously.”

Women like Michelle

“I could not give up no matter how hard it got for me.  Persistence and the goal to be the new person my family and I could be proud of and able to live with, kept me focused”.

Women like Emma

“I was willing to try anything in order to help with my social anxiety and confidence”.

Read their stories by clicking on their names – and discover more inspirational stories here.

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