George’s Story

I was an orphan at the age of 12, my sister and I then stayed with a neighbour. I always felt lonely and lost always looking for something but didn’t know what.  I would see other children with their parents, they looked happy and loved, I never had that and always found it hard to show love.

As time went on, my sister was then at an age to get a house, we moved but I was still lost in myself, still looking for something and still couldn’t find it. After some time I got married, had 5 children and continued to work hard.  I always did my best for them trying to get them what they needed but I still found it hard to show love.  As time went on, I got divorced and ended up with custody of 4 of the children.  It was during that time of bringing up my children I got depression and was in hospital for a while.  It was during that time I spoke with the doctor about how I was feeling and how lost I felt.  He told me about AMH New Horizons Foyle, he said it was a place where people go with much the same things as I had.  I asked my doctor if he would help me to go there.  It worked, I went to AMH New Horizons Foyle where I met great staff that listened to me, I was shown around and also met clients.  It was then I finally found the part of myself that was missing, I know if it wasn’t for Foyle New Horizons, I don’t know where I would have been.  I now have structure in my day and look forward to going there and helping out.  I have more confidence now, I have also learned to love and have peace of mind.


Thank you to Foyle New Horizons


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