Launch of AMH Manifesto 2011

We launched our manifesto for the 2011 Assembly elections on 7 February in the Long Gallery at Stormont.

The document outlines our ideas on how to develop mental health provision in Northern Ireland, including how voluntary and community organisations, such as AMH can help to develop service provision. The document outlines serious concerns regarding how proposed cuts to services will impede work being done whilst cases of mental illness are rising considerably.

 The document calls for three sensible, achievable outcomes:

 1.    Help us sustain our future

Uncertainty about funding makes it impossible to plan for the future and to determine what level of services AMH can provide to some of the most vulnerable people in society.  We need secure and certain funding streams to continue to deliver vital services. Give us that certainty and help us sustain our future.  

 2.            Let us do what we do best

 Action Mental Health can provide life-changing services to people with mental health difficulties in a professional and cost-effective way. Let AMH do what it does best in supporting the recovery of people with mental health and learning disability needs. 

 3.            Lead by example

 The public sector, including Government Departments, needs to lead by example in promoting positive mental health at every opportunity.  They need to lead the charge in combating stigma,  putting in place Mental Health awareness programmes and policies in the workplace and offering work placements to people with mental health needs.

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