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Golfing at Lough Erne

The “Ryder Cup” has come to Fermanagh as Fermanagh New Horizons clients, staff and “Men’s Shedders” took part in golf lessons with the local pro at Lough Erne Golf Resort Academy.


Novices and more experienced golfers alike got into the “swing” of things.


Some balls were struck that cleanly we are still waiting for them to land, others were struck so wildly we are waiting for them to be found!!!


Everyone shared the craic and the experience was brilliant, with numbers growing each week.


A great learning experience which will be continuing to run for clients over the next few weeks in conjunction with Disability Sport NI.

Dander Ball (Walking Football)

dander ball 220

The World Cup might be over and the premier league has not yet kicked off but clients, students and staff at New Horizons Fermanagh are keeping the football spirit alive with their “Dander Ball” (Walking Football).

This activity is all inclusive, it is played exactly like football with one major exception – you are not allowed to run.

Sounds simple, however it is anything but!

dander ball 249

These photos capture some of the actions from the “Messi’s and Ronaldos” of the Dander Ball arena. It was enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

This whole thing is set to KICK off with AMH Fermanagh putting together a team in the hope of competing with other organisations in the Western Trust area.


It is a great laugh, great workout and very competitive… so give it a try!

See more photos on our Facebook page Dander Ball album here

dander ball 030

Fly Fishing in Fermanagh

Fly Fishing Fermanagh 1

Lucky clients at our New Horizons Service in Fermanagh had the opportunity to take part in a “pond dipping” and “fly fishing” course, delivered by Michael Shortt (a contributor to Trout & Salmon Magazine) and Mark Corps.


Clients were able to learn the theory about the life of the fish, the life of the fly and then the direct experience of seeing wildlife up close and personal at Mill Lough, Ballanaleck.

Fly Fishing Fermanagh 2

It’s a “bugs life” and the group got the opportunity to dip for fly’s in the lake and learn how to recognise the different types and species of fly. Everyone got the opportunity to practice the skill of fly casting and confidence has continually grown over the past three weeks.

The group will get the opportunity in the coming weeks to put their skills to the test in a local fishery to catch trout!

Fly Fishing Fermanagh 3

Lisburn Distillery Supports AMH


Andrea Warwick, Employment Officer at Action Mental Health in Derriaghy joins members of Lisburn Distillery Football Club as they benefit from one of their MenSsana “Provoking Thought” workshops for young people, part of the Together For You project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund.
Andrea Warwick, Employment Officer at Action Mental Health in Derriaghy joins members of Lisburn Distillery Football Club as they benefit from one of their MenSsana “Provoking Thought” workshops for young people, part of the Together For You project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

Ordinarily, a Tuesday night at Lisburn Distillery Football Club grounds might see a group of young boys come together for football practice or to watch a game. However, Tuesday 10th December saw them come together to look after their mental, rather than their physical, health.

Action Mental Health (AMH) delivered the first of a series of workshops in Mental Health Awareness for 14-19 year old boys. The “Provoking Thought” workshops are funded by The Big Lottery Fund as part of the Together For You project which is led by AMH. The project team works closely with schools, colleges and other agencies to promote positive mental health among young people, through the provision of information and resources. 

During the workshops project staff provide an interactive presentation to enhance the young people’s understanding of mental health and highlight its relevance and importance for their lives. Group discussion then offers an opportunity to reflect on major sources of stress and identify possible coping strategies. Last year the MensSana workshops were delivered to over 5,000 young people.

The good working relationship between AMH and local businesses and organisations like Lisburn Distillery has been nurtured by the New Horizons Service in Derriaghy, and Employment Officer Andrea Warwick is hoping the success of such partnerships will encourage others to contact the organisation. She said;

“Action Mental Health works to improve the health & well being of people with mental health needs, by creating opportunities for progression towards independence and ultimately re-enter the workplace. Increasing placement opportunities is therefore a vital part of the work our Employment Officers do. We are really pleased with the great working relationship we have established with Lisburn Distillery and other local organisations. These workshops are just one of the ways we can return that support.”

Last year AMH helped 67 clients to gain employment, 52 clients moved on to further training/education programmes and 84 clients undertook voluntary work.

If you are a local business or organization who would like to know more about offering placement, fundraising or other support to AMH, contact Andrea on 028 9062 9759.


Together For You is funded by the Big Lottery Fund Northern Ireland. The project, led by Action Mental Health (AMH) in association with Aware Defeat Depression, CAUSE, CRUSE, MindWise, Nexus, PraxisCare and Relate NI, will promote mental health and wellbeing in Northern Ireland and provide a range of services in new and innovative ways.