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International Men’s Day 2021

Today – Friday 19 November – is International Men’s Day and is a focus on men of all ages, in all their diversity. It’s about our fathers, partners, brothers and friends and this year highlights the importance of making a positive difference to the well-being of men.  It’s also a time to focus on the very real problems men face such as isolation and high rates of male suicide.

Our Men’s Sheds are an active part of their local communities, welcoming men from the age of 50 and upwards to be part of something special. AMH Men’s Sheds are popular venues for support, socialising, learning and leisure. The hubs help its members pool resources and ultimately give back to the local community through a range of services, including the sale of a variety of products they hand-craft during sessions.

Creating clock faces at Men’s Shed Downpatrick

We asked the ‘Shedders’ themselves what makes Men Sheds so effective in keeping them mentally healthy and why they keep coming back. Here’s what they said:

“It’s like a youth club but for old guys”

Tools out at Men’s Shed Downpatrick

“There’s always something to do here that you can get involved in it takes you away from things which is good”

Creating a planter at Men’s Shed Downpatrick

“We can just sit and talk things over it’s very relaxed atmosphere”

Archery at Men’s Shed Downpatrick

“I enjoy the yoga and the ceramics”

“There’s always someone here to help you no matter what’s going on”

A walk with Men’s Shed Downpatrick

“I come here on Mondays for the willow weaving it’s a great way to start the week”

Creating a bench at Men’s Shed Fermanagh

 “It gives me somewhere to come and something to look forward to”

Creating a table at Men’s Shed Fermanagh

You can find more information on Men’s Sheds here: https://www.amh.org.uk/services/mens-shed/